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Wood engraving is one of the most common services that we provide. Almost any wood can be used, but Red Alder, Maple, Basswood, Bamboo and Cherry produce some of the best results. Because the grain and sap content in each type of wood is different, the results will vary from piece to piece. Some woods engrave darker, some lighter, some deeper, some more shallow. Because every piece is different, wood engraving can make a unique, one-of-a-kind gift.

A lot of our customers like to have a photo of their trophy hunt commemorated on a wood plaque. But, you can have any photo engraved on wood; including your favorite pet, a loved one, or your favorite vacation memory. Text, graphics and/or logos can also be engraved on wood. In addition to engraving plaques, our wood engraving can be done on knife handles, axe handles, camp signs, pet urns, and cutting boards, just to name a few.

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