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Laser Engraving

A stone engraving can be done on granite, marble or even rocks and stones found in nature, (as long as they have a flat surface). Our stone engraving is most commonly used to create memorials, but can be used for many other things as well. We can make pocket sized rocks that have bible verses or inspirational quotes engraved on them. Other ideas include engraving a loved one’s photo on granite or maybe a favorite pet’s photo on marble.

The minerals in rocks or stones found in nature can vary, producing different results on each. Stone engraving that is done on soft, less dense stones, such as limestone or sandstone, can look like they were done with a pencil or marker, where the engraver only marks the surface. A hard, dense rock can produce more of a debossed look, where the surface of the rock is actually removed by the engraving machine. Because every stone is different with results varying from piece to piece, they can make a unique, one-of-a-kind gift.

River Valley Laser Engraving
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